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Affinity Systems - IT in London

Affinity Systems

IT in London

Services Information management products and services for property investment companies, managing agents and property valuers including:

iInfoManager - The powerful information integration system consolidates data from your and/or your partners' property systems to provide you with consolidated, validated and accurate data.

iPerformance - Calculate your portfolio performance returns - at the click of a button - enabling you to check performance returns before the data is submitted to IPD.

iXchange - Identify, report and audit material differences between Property Management system factual data and the equivalent data used by the Property Valuer.

iComparator - analyses the differences between data exports taken at different dates turning data snapshots into files of data changes.

We specialise in delivering innovative solutions to property investment managers. We offer a range of IT-based services from strategic systems reviews, systems integration, package evaluation, selection and tailoring, and bespoke development and implementation projects.
Area Covered National
Description Affinity is sector specialist provider of information management products and services to the investment markets with particular expertise in property - covering both direct and indirect investments.

Affinity’s iInfoManager state-of-the-art software products for PCs and Workgroups are built on Microsoft’s .NET platform and designed to enhance productivity. Product features include: PISCES and proprietary external system interfaces, consolidated databases for queries, internal fund performance reporting, client valuation reporting, factual valuation data verification and more.

Our products, services and skills are designed to help clients realise their business goals and maximise their professional staff’s contribution.
Address Affinity Systems
60 Cannon Street
United Kingdom
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